Trade Name RiceFort

Mode of Action:

RiceFort is a selective herbicide with excellent action against annual grasses, sedges and broad-leaved weeds.


  • Protects rice during most critical stage with residual action of 50 days.
  • No phytotoxicity can be used on any rice variety.
  • Safer to handle as compared to anilophos and bultachlor.

Method of Application:
Preparation for Spray Solution: Take small amount of water and add required quantity of Ricefort. Stir the solution well with a stick or rod and mix it with the remaining quantity of water.

Suggested use:

Recommended dosage 2 – 4 DAT of Rice.


    • Compatibility
      Not recommended for use with other herbicide mixtures.
    • Phytotoxicity
      No phytotoxic effect on any variety of rice.
    • Precautions and Antidote
      Use only plastic bucket/containers.

Use clean water for preparing Rimove spray solution to avoid absorption/deactivation of Brake on mud/soil matter present in brackish water.

Avoid drift at all costs. Do not leave spray mixture in tank for long period.

Wear protective gloves and face-shield while handling.

Symptomatic treatment to control convulsion. Phenobarbital upto 0.7 gm per day may be given.


Available in 600 ml, 3 Litre packs.