HatricNPK 20-20-20 is an all-purpose water soluble fertilizer characterized by high purity. Assimilated by foliar and root, it is intended for crops soilless and can be used throughout the crop cycle. Its ternary HATRIC 20-20-20 formula makes it particularly well-balanced and versatile.


Water-soluble fertilizer HATRIC 20-20-20 is well balanced in nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). It contains magnesium. It is formulated with high quality nutrients thereby obtaining a high solubility and perfect assimilation. It promotes a steady development and compact, preventing the occurrence of deficiencies or nutritional imbalances. Its balanced composition 1: 1: 1 suitable for a wide range of plants in almost every stage of their growth and can be used for constant or periodic manner, alternating with water or rain.


HARTIC 20-20-20 has the following characteristics:

  • Product kind: Fertilizer
  • Chemical Formula: NPK (Nitrogen 20 (N), Phosphorus 20 (P) and potassium 20 (K). Magnesium and trace elements
  • Color: blue
  • Appearance: Powder


The water-soluble fertilizer HARTIC 20-20-20 can be used on all types of crops by foliar. Prepare the solution 1-2 hours before the intended use to ensure complete dissolution. Pour the nutrient solution on moist soil. Fertilization is carried during the active growth period; it is possible to apply soluble fertilizer once a month for fast growing plants and every two months for the others. Generally it is best to wait a month before fertilizing a newly repotted plant or purchased