Trade Name Hexa-Fort SC
Common Name Hexaconazole 5% SC


Hexa-Fort SC is a broad spectrum fungicide with combination systemic & contact fungicide which belongs to triazole& EBDC chemistry. This is a one stop, ready mix solution for the control of many diseases in various crops.

Features of Hexa-Fort SC

  • Innovative patented technology
  • Excellent & longer duration control against many diseases in various crops
  • Zinc Nutrition
  • Healthy crop with more greenish leaves
  • Improved yield & profits at right investment
  • No manual mixing of fungicides is required
  • Compatible with commonly used pesticidesAlways apply Hexa-Fort SC prophylactically or just at the initiation of the disease, as Prevention is always better than Cure.
Crop Disease Dosage (ml/ha)
Paddy Sheath blight, Brown spot, leaf blast 1000-1250


Paddy, Chillies, Grapes, Tea, Apple, Groundnut etc.

Used In Following Countries:

  • India