Cognet- Boron (B) 20%

Cognet 20 is a highly soluble borate powder for crop nutrient sprays and solutions. Cognet 20 having extremely high solubility & neutral pH is ideally suited for foliar applications. It is very widely used throughout the world for foliar application to fruits, vegetable and oil seed crops due to its easy solubility in cold water and neutral ph.

Cognet 20 is a multi-function source of boron and can be used as direct application or blended with other liquid fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides for Foliar Spray.

The high boron content of Cognet 20 makes it an economical source of boron for consumers.

Through increased use of soil testing and plant analyses, micro-nutrient deficiencies have been verified in many soils. Some reasons limiting the incidental additions of micro-nutrients include:

  • High-yield crop demands remove micro-nutrients from the soil
  • Increased use of high-analysis NPK fertilizers containing lower quantities of micro-nutrient contaminants
  • Advances in fertilizer technology reduce the residual addition of micro-nutrients.

These factors contribute to the significant increase in usage of and need for micro-nutrients in order to achieve full balanced nutrition.

plant chemical

Boron (B) exists primarily in soil solutions as the BO33- anion – the form commonly taken up by plants. One of the most important micronutrients affecting membrane stability, B supports the structural and functional integrity of plant cell membranes. Boron-deficiency symptoms first appear at the growing points, and certain soil types are more prone to boron deficiencies.


  • 5-6 kg per acre of land.