Raajul- Chilli

Preparation of Soil

  • Light to medium heavy soil with good drainage is required.
  • Chilli is planted in well pulverized and levelled field.


  • Sowing time- Kharif: June- July, Rabi: Sep- Oct and Summer- Jan- Feb
  • Seed Rate- 120 gm/ acre or 300 gm/ hectare
  • Spacing- 45X60 cm or 60 X 75 cm depending upon soil fertility & agronomic practices.

Fertilizer application

  • Before transplanting , apply NPK 40:30:30 per acre and make light ridges and transplant
  • Periodic top dressing of MOP and Ammonium sulphate is recommended @ 20 kg & 10 kg.


  • Irrigate once in 4- 5 days depending on weather & soil conditions
  • Chilli crop is very sensitive to excess water but to some extent it can tolerate drought.
  • Heavy soils or in heavy rainfall areas proper drainage should be provided to withdraw excess water.

Crop Management

  • To avoid infestation of root grub, only well rotten farmyard manure should be applied in the field. Application of neern cake @ 250 kg/ha. is also advisable for control of root grubs. Change in the agronimic practices to distrub the life cycle of the grub is also found useful. Application of neem seed kernel extract (NSKE 3%) can be done for control of thrips, aphids and mites.
  • Plant Protection schedule- 10 day after sowing- Dimethioate(2ml/ lit), 0 Day after sowing- Mancozeb (2.5gm/ lit)+ Imidecloprid (0.25 ml / lit) 30 Day after sowing -chlorothalonil( 2gm/lit), 40 day after sowing- COC 3gm/lit +Methyledemicton (2ml/lit), 50 day after sowing – Mancozeb (2.5 gm/lit)+ Carbaryl( 3gm/lit) 60 day after sowing – Carbendazim(2g/ lit)_ Acetamaprid (0.25 ml/lit) , 70 Day after sowing- Triadimefon (0.5 gm /lit)+ Dichlorovos (1ml/lit)

Harvesting, Storage and Drying

  • Ripe fruits are to be harvested at frequent intervals. Retaining fruits for a long period on the plants causes wrinkles and colour fading. Soon after the harvest, the produce is to heaped or kept in clean gunnies for one day for uniform colour development for the pods.
  • Grading is to be done to remove defective and discoloured pods. Packing is done in gunny bags, or jute boras. Chillies should be properly stored to avoid infestation of pests.
  • Yield- 2-3 ton/ha.