Trade Name SilFort
Common Name Silica Based Adjutant


Chemical Identity & Composition:
Blend of Anionic/Non-ionic surfactants, Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate/Sulfited Organic Ester

Mode of Action:

Once applied on Leaf Surface, it quickly sticks, uniformly spreads and activates effectiveness of Pesticides/Foliar Fertilizers.


SilFort can be applied with Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides as well as Foliar Fertilizers.
SilFort can be used on all crops including plantations, vegetables etc.
It has unique property of rain fastness for its use in high rainfall area.
It enhances dispersion of Wettable Powder.
Preventive as well as Curative Action.
It reduces spray drift.
Being Anionic/Non-ionic does not get neutralized.


Use 1 ml/litre along with Insecticides, Fungicides and Foliar Fertilizers.
Use 1-1.5 ml/litre along with Herbicides.

Preparation of Spray Solution:

Do not mix directly in the spray tank.
Use only clean water.
Add required quantity of SilFort in clean water and stir it thoroughly.
Add required quantity of Pesticides / Foliar Fertilizers to get homogenized suspension.

Used In Following Countries: