Agrifort Technologies

From The Chairman Desk

DK Chopra

Honorary Chairman

About our Chairman Agrifort Technologies!

Agriculture in India is passing through a stage of a very significant transition from conventional methods of producing different crops to adopting new advanced technologies to boast crop Productivity and Quality of Farm Produce. With rising per capita income and a high growth rate of GDP, demand for food and food products is poised to grow at a very fast pace, To meet this ever growing challenge , all stake holders including the Government, Research Bodies, and the private Sector have to collaborate to introduce new technologies to ensure Food Security for our future generations considering our limited land resources.

It is very encouraging to see lot of innovative Initiatives being started by a new set of very inspired young Professionals who want to make their contribution in this field with Commitment, Determination and Drive. Agrifort Technologies is one such enterprise which promises to be amongst the Front Leaders in the years to come in extending a warm helping hand to the farming community in India by offering new Research based solutions to improve productivity of different crops. Organization will have access to and collaborations with national and international organizations in this field to provide most effective and innovative products and services.

To begin with Agrifort has laid a strong foundation for its business in the fertile lands of Uttarakhand ,Uttar pradesh and select parts of Haryana and Madhya pradesh. Agrifort’s products like Vikelp, Nutriflax, Konverter and Hortis have found great acceptance at the farmer level and are well on their way to become leading brands in not very distant future. It is very encouraging to see the overwhelming support of its business associates who have played a very important role in the initial Success story of Agrifort.

Over the next few years, the company plans to expand its operations in other adjoining states before it reaches the eventual goal of pan India reach with its products and services.It will also explore international markets in developing countries in Africa, middle east and far east.
Agrifort has also in the mean time developed plans to have a pipeline of new products to be introduced in a phased manner.
Mr. Sharad Awasthi, Chief Operating Officer has worked very hard to execute the Collaboration and Marketing tie up arrangement with Blue Quadrant, UAE. He has in depth understanding of Agriculture and about the day to day challenges being faced by the Indian farmers. Above all he has successfully built up a committed and highly motivated team of young agronomists for village level field promotional activities, led by experienced senior managers like Mr. PK Gangwar and Mr. Alok Bhadauria.
I am confident that Sharad and his team will not leave any stone upturned to ensure that Agrifort Technologies delivers on its promise of serving the farming community with Respect, Dignity and Responsibility.
One can say now with utmost confidence that Agrifort is well poised to carve a place for itself to be counted amongst India’s best emerging young enterprises in this segment of the Industry in near future.