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Hortis SP

Hortis SP

Hortis SP is research based organic product derived from botanical and algal extracts for horticultural and field crops as well. Hortis SP containing mixture of naturally derived proteins, cytokinins, inorganic salts, betains and other inherent nutrients of botanical origin. It gives shining and better quality of fruits, if applied at initial fruiting.


  • Good size and better shining.
  • Better quality.
  • Stops flower drop.
  • Better fruit setting.
  • Keeping quality of the produce.


For all the commercial crops


What are Hortis SP?

“Hortis SP” is not a well-known or widely recognized term in the field of horticulture or botany. It could potentially refer to a specific plant species or variety, but without more context or information, it’s challenging to provide a precise definition. To gain a better understanding, it would be helpful to provide additional details, such as the full name of the plant or any specific context in which “Hortis SP” is being used.

Target Crops

Chillies, Flowers, Vegetables, Onion, Potato, Paddy, Wheet , Mango, Fruits and all horticultural crops.


1 to 1.25 gm. per litre of water


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